namil enpla
Polyoxymethylene, copolymer grade, is a crystalline polymer and can be used in temperature up to +100℃ The copolymer grade has excellent mechanical features, stability to humidity and easy of machining and bettr thermal stability and stronger resistance to alkalis than acetal homopolymer.

· High mechanical strength and rigidity

· Fatigue resistance and good resistance to creep

· Good sliding properties and wear resistance

· Excellent dimensional

· Good electrical insulating and dielectric properties

· Excellent machinability

· Not resistant to high concentrated acids

· Difficult to alue and paint


· Heavily loaded bearings, gear, parts for pump

· Dimensionally stable precision parts

· Screws, parts for the textile

· Components for chemical plants

· Electrically insulating components


· POM                  Natural, Black

· POM AST           Black

· POM AST           Ivory

· POM CONDUCTIVE         Black